Thursday, October 27, 2011

365/300 Wound right up

This afternoon these two were wound right up. I could not get them to sit still for 2 seconds. I’m not sure what caused it; the Smarties that was given to Syd at school or that fact that we have been able to sleep most all night these last few nights. Syd had a bout of insomnia last week that sent those of us that sleep on the second story into a tailspin. Thankful it seems to have past for now.

Oh, on a much more exciting note…. Syd has started the transition to a new classroom at school. It is a more Preschoolish room with the 11 other students all being talkers. She has been going to this class for 1-2 hours everyday since the beginning of school with her Para. This week she has stayed in the class without her Para and seems to be getting along very well. The Paras, teachers and Speech therapist tell me she is like a different child in this new classroom. Participates more, plays with other students and even ate vanilla pudding!  She will be fully transitioned into this class by the new year, they don’t to move her too fast and frighten her into silence.

I can’t say it enough ESA is great for Syd!


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