Wednesday, October 19, 2011

365/292 “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”

JD had his last regular season race this afternoon. He finished 18:52.14 a great time for this course and the windy conditions.

He finished 6th on his team. Most times this would allow him to run Varsity for the next race.  However, the next race is Regionals and the Coach makes the call as to who the top 7 runners are, across the entire season. JD hasn’t been top 7 enough this year, even though he has run very well, especially for a freshman.  So, he didn’t make the Varsity for Regionals but he has been named as an alternate.  If he is not needed, he will run in the Open race after the Varsity race.

I was talking with the team parent at the meet and he told me that at XC camp this summer JD made 3 goals:

1) Beat AW {Fleet feet team mate}

2) Run an 18:30

3) Earn a varsity letter

Well, he has beaten AW twice and earned 4 varsity points which got him a Varsity letter. He has not ran a 18:30 yet but his PR is 18:34.24.  And he still has this one race remaining.

Not a bad season I would say.


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