Saturday, October 15, 2011

365/288 “I’m not running today”

That is what he said from the time he got up this morning until he talked with his coaches. Mrs. coach told him  “you just need to run”  But he did not argue with her, he just nodded his head and ran.

He was off his PR by 2 seconds; not bad for thinking he could not run on his hurting ankle!

Official time is 18:36.1 {7th on his team, 20th overall} He earned another Varsity point {his 3rd point} and has now officially earned his Varsity letter as a Freshman.  We’re very proud of you JD!!

Another noteworthy item…one of his Fleet Feet teammates from last year goes to the “other high school” in town.  JD and he have been racing each other tough this year with the other boy usually out-kicking JD at the end and winning by 2-3 seconds.  Today, JD won by 10 seconds.  Not too bad for running on one good leg.


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