Saturday, October 8, 2011

365/281 Homecoming

Homecoming is finally here... After running around finding the right shirt, pants, shoes, tie and ordering the flowers, he finally is dressed properly and ready to go. The group of them all met at the Country Club to eat dinner before the dance. It was all very nice and exciting for JD. He and his date went as friends but they made a cute couple tonight.  He is a good looking kid {but I’m very biased}.


He also ran earlier today at Wickes park. His time was 18:39.9, not a PR but he earned a Varsity point {that makes 2} because one of the Varsity members was sick and couldn’t run. We think he may have earned his Varsity Letter if the coach lets him run the next race on the Varsity squad {the sick kid may automatically get his spot back}.


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