Monday, October 3, 2011

365/276 In the Halloween spirit

I have been bitten by the Halloween bug. We’ve got our costumes {Hubby, I and the girls that is} so we are set for the Halloween party and for trick or treating. I have Meg’s treats for her pals completed (glittery boxes filled with girly goodies and candy}. CJ’s and Syd’s class treats {homemade play dough} are ready to finish. I also did some decorating…

I put up 140 bats down the length of the hall, 20 or so mice on the stairs, and put a large witch silhouette in the front kitchen window (that’s my favorite). And yet I don’t think I’m done, I still think I have more Halloween spirit left.

MJ thinks I have lost my mind {this is the first time I have decorated for Halloween past putting Jack-o-lanterns out on the porch}.


The bats and mice were cut on my Cricut from black cardstock and the witch I cut out of black poster board.



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