Monday, September 26, 2011

365/269 26 LO in 26 Days!


I did it! I completed 26 LO in 26 days!

I need to thank my family for putting up with this adventure; the girls for enduring all the basement play time and MJ & Hubby for dealing with the absent Mom who was running downstairs for a “minute” and returned an hour later after getting absorbed in the details of a page.

Here are the stats of what I completed:

2 @ 8.5X11

24 @ 12x12

4 about JD

3 about MJ

6 about CJ

5 about Syd

1 about all 4 kids

2 about my brother Brent

1 about our old house

1 about CJ and JD

3 about Syd and CJ’s relationship

13 were preplanned up to a point

13 were on the spot & surprised me with what I came up with

and for every one that I was not sure I liked when I completed, I love them now because of the memories they captured and because this it what it is about….


My kids enjoying the stories that are about their lives and learning what my perspective was on our life as it was happening. I love this hobby and thank my family for sharing with me.

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