Saturday, September 24, 2011

365/267 Friendly Competition

JD and ZH have ran together on the Fleet Feet team but now they run for rival schools. They push each other, encourage each other, race each other and even help each other. Most races your will find these two neck and neck right to the finish line.

Today’s race was no different. JD said he needed ZH’s help to pass some of the the sea of white and green that is the usual top 15-20 runners from another school {a very fast team}.

Today they eeked their way into the herd and came up 13th and 14th with only 12 white and green in front of them. It was a great 2 mile race by both of them ZH finished 11:24 and JD, 11:24.5. These are 2 fast freshman.

At the end of the race I heard them congratulating each other and giving each other high fives {makes a mom proud}

*JD earned a varsity point {1 down 2 to go to get his letter}



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