Wednesday, September 14, 2011

365/257 Catch up day

With all the XC {Cross Country} news and my MotherLOAD class some things get left out in POD posts so today is catch up day.

First off about the photo. CJ fell, I think on Sunday night. She was messing on the front porch and scraped her arm on the bricks. She asked me to take a photo of it Monday afternoon, and then today she asked me if I had posted her boo boo picture on the blog. {this girl loves it when her picture is posted on the blog} So I am making her pic POD for today even though the news is old.


2-Syd was great today when we dropped CJ off at school {YES, I can breathe a sigh of relief}.

3-We had visitors today! Grammie stopped over at lunch before her hair appointment and brought Smarties and a birthday card for MJ {MJ says “thanks” Grammie}.

And to my surprise my Uncle Larry {Grammie’s brother} popped in while he waited for a RX to be filled. Hubby and I were thrilled that he looked us up. CJ talked a mile a minute asking questions and trying to place him in the family. She was excited to hear he was Grammie’s brother.  On 2nd thought, he could have been a POD for today too – a missed opportunity on my part.

{Grammie, I heard that you don’t know my address number!} Smile

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