Saturday, September 10, 2011

365/253 Race Day

Today was a busy day for the racin’ boys in our household.

Hubby ran the Mud Creek Crawl for the 3rd consecutive year.  He ran a new personal best on the 10K course (just under 52 min) but was beaten once again by big brother Michael (by ~20 seconds).  So it was a bittersweet PR (personal record).  Overall results are not out yet, so we don’t know how he placed overall or within his age group.

The big event of the day was JD’s first race as part of the high school cross country team.  He was a bundle of nerves all morning.  It was hot out by the time the kids ran and JD doesn’t feel like he ran his best race (he vomited after finishing).  But he still finished in the top 1/3 overall and 11th on his team.  Normally, being 7th or better is the goal because only the top 7 get credit for running Varsity.  However, because next week’s race is a “jamboree”, the top 10 kids get to run as Varsity. This means that JD just missed earning 1 point towards a Varsity letter.  It takes 3 points to get a Varsity letter and JD is trying hard to do that this year (having a freshman letter is a big deal).


Even though he thinks this was not his best race {and would like to stop talking about it ASAP} we are proud of him.

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