Friday, September 9, 2011

365/252 The last First day of school Pic

Today was CJ’s first day of school. She was a bit nervous because she will not have the same teacher this year but she handled it very well.  CJ gets whiny from time to time but generally she has good coping skills.  There are many times where she just sucks it up and moves on, especially when we’re out in public.

Today, Syd had a screaming fit because she could not play with the toys in the classroom like last year {new classroom rules: we are to wait in the hall for class to begin}. Hubby had to take Syd outside so the rest of the kids were not disturbed.

I quickly washed CJ’s hands {Classroom rules again} and we went to find them because I can settle Syd better than anyone. That left Hubby to see CJ off to her first day of school, which made me sort of sad that I had to miss it.

Thank goodness Hubby was there for CJ but from here on out it will be just Syd and I taking her to school. I’m giving Syd 2 weeks to adjust to the rules then ’m going to beg Syd’s ESA teacher to move her to mornings so CJ can enjoy going to school with Mommy. I think CJ deserves to be dropped off without having to focus my attention on keeping Syd calm.


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