Thursday, September 8, 2011

365/251 I should not be this excited

I should not be this excited about a toilet seat but I am. It has a built in child seat!!! I could only dream of such a thing. I saw this seat on Pintrest a few months back and have been begging Hubby to let me buy one for each of the main bathrooms in the house.

I got them at Home Depot, Bemis Next Step. This means no more extra potty seat to take off or put on and with 2 toddlers running around this is going to save me a lot of time!


I was able to buy them because I caught a great savings when I was at the Home Depot with my Mom today. The flooring that we bought on August 7th was now on clearance for $0.20 per square foot less.  They offer a price guarantee for 30 days. When Hubby checked the the receipt it has been 31 days so we called and talked to a manager.  They weren’t going to fuss about the 1 extra day and the price difference gave us just over $300 back!

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