Tuesday, September 6, 2011

365/249 What makes a mom skip with happiness?

The first day of school for 3 of her 4 kids! MJ and JD were up early. {first day jitters?} Hubby dropped JD off and MJ rode the bus. Their schools now starts at different times, something we will have to adjust to all over again in a couple years when CJ starts Kindergarten.

They both reported having a great day and were geeked to not have homework. JD said High school is easy, I told him to wait a few days when the actual learning starts. MJ was slightly disappointed that she did not have more of her friends in her classes but I told her it was an opportunity to make new friends. I got “the look” from her but she did not disagree.

Syd was eager to get to school this afternoon. She put her backpack on and ran to the van. When we got to school she could barely wait for the automatic doors to open at the entrance. She was most excited about the new bulletin board above her bench. She surprised me by climbing on the bench and playing air guitar and repeating “Git-tar” over and and over. {I have never heard her say the word before, I was smiling so hard I got tears in my eyes.} It was a great day!


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