Monday, September 5, 2011

365/248 Rethinking the paper routes

With the new school year starting tomorrow, each child at a different school, and getting out at a different time of day, “Mom’s taxi service” was at a breaking point.

We mapped it out and from 12:30 – 5:00 I would have to drive ~40 miles, criss-crossing the city 4 or more times. With the price of gas, I would be spending about $12 a day. They offered to pitch in for gas but their daily wage is less than $5 each.


I will call tomorrow and talk with their manager to see if there are routes closer to the house that the kids can walk to year round. If not, I will have to give their 4 weeks notice for them. MJ will do JD’s route for the remaining time and then the kids will be “working” for us to pay for their cell phone bills. And Mom will not be driving around town like a mad woman to get the kids from one event to the next {and I will get to sleep in again on the weekends}.

All in all, the paper routes have been a good introduction to the working world for the kids, but they just aren’t practical with so much going on and when they aren’t close to home.  Lesson learned.

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