Thursday, August 25, 2011

365/237 Her world is exploding with new words

Since receiving her Baha, I thought that she should be flooded with speech therapy {I’m just the Mom, not a professional in this area, and was told that too much speech therapy could overwhelm her; which is understandable}.

She gets therapy at ESA while in class and now twice a week at the hospital. We were given flash cards to go through with her and, at first, I was skeptical if this was going to work. Syd has proven me wrong; she knows all the pictures and goes through them by herself when we are waiting and at therapy. She got 10 more cards just yesterday and though she will not talk yet at speech therapy, she knows this set of cards already.

Today I tried something new; I laid all the new cards out and asked her to point to “eat” and she did. When I asked where “arm” was, she showed me her arm. The cards are really working to broaden her vocabulary.


I had to laugh when I looked at this picture, the Baha softband gives us a bit of a struggle some days. Today it is pushing out her ears. It would be better if she left it alone once I get it on her, but she pushed it around, up and down {probably to make it more comfortable}. And check out that crazy hair, all fluffy and frizzySmile

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