Wednesday, August 24, 2011

365/236 What a face

When I left this morning to take Syd to speech therapy, I left instruction for MJ to put CJ’s hair in Pig tails. I got a call mere minutes after leaving the driveway from JD, he was letting me know that MJ had not put CJ’s hair up properly and she looked silly. 

Her hair was looking good by the time I got home but I found this picture on my camera. CJ was not a happy camper with the job that MJ did. She had one pigtail in the center back of her head {not seen in this shot} and the other in the right spot.

I have to laugh, MJ gets frustrated with CJ’s attitude and sassy mouth. I can remember MJ being the same way at this age {I called it stubborn and strong willed at the time}.


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