Saturday, August 20, 2011

365/232 Story time

I had the “just one more row” attitude going tonight. It was past the girls bedtime and I just wanted to finish a few more rows before bed. I nixed the reading time with CJ tonight {I know, I know, bad Mommy} as it was getting late. But Hubby stepped in and read to her {Super Dad to the rescue:}

We have been reading a chapter a night of the Junie B Jones  Series. CJ and I are getting a kick out of the books. {These are the same books that MJ read many moons ago; loving the hand me downs.}

As you can see from the picture we still need to finish ripping down the wall paper in CJs room. There are 5 rooms that still have wallpaper and/or glue to room from the walls. I’m waiting to rent the steamer from the HD and have a full day of time to devote to the task. The latter seems hard to come by these days.


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