Friday, August 19, 2011

365/231 My next project

When we moved in, I was eager to rip out all the carpet. I knew the 2 large dogs and 4 messy kids would not be kind to cream and light beige carpet. Hubby was not so eager and I did not, at the time, have spare time to remove it nor deal with what I would replace it with.

I did however peek under each and every carpeted room. I just had to know if there was hardwood underneath. CJ’s room has linoleum, the bath has little peach and pink tiles and the basement stairs showed yellow painted pine {at least the top step was yellow}

Well, I got a bit of a surprise last weekend when I finally ripped the carpet off the stairs… Yellow and Blue painted pine.  Maybe the previous owners were U of M fans or just very supportive of the local High School who has the same/similar colors. I think the orange was added later just before the carpet was installed.

Anyway this is the next thing on to do list, after we finish the floor and put quarter round up and I paint the trim….  Maybe I’ll get to it before Christmas Smile


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