Sunday, August 14, 2011

365/226 getting over her fear

We worked on the flooring again for the majority of the day. Finished the living room, even with a 2 hour  mission to Home Depot to figure out what to do around the hearth.  We finished some tricky cuts in the entry way while MJ prepped the hall.

The old cork tiles can’t be removed easily so we decided to floor over them.  However, they are popping up at the seams, so we need to staple them down.  But…MJ was scared to death of the electric stapler. She thought she was going to shoot a staple into her foot or something. Hubby and I stapled a bit but it really was not the best use of our time. JD was “busy” (taking a nap) so MJ had to get over her fear and do the job. We are proud of her.  There isn’t anything this girl can’t do when she sets her mind to it!


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