Tuesday, August 9, 2011

365/221 Prep work

After Pepper {aka: old dog} had a few too many accidents on the fluffy cream carpet, we decided it was best for all of our health if it went bye-bye. We ran through our options for replacements and our pocketbook helped decide that laminate was the answer.

Home Depot to the rescue. We found the color and style we liked on clearance. {Lucky us}

After hauling 75 boxes into the house I was chomping at the bit to rip the carpet up. I had to settle for removing all the tack strips and cutting the carpet in strategic places for easy removal later.

With Hubby’s work and our daily schedules, we were not going to have a large block of time to get the floor done all at once. I’m shooting for the end of August and then I can paint the trim as soon as school starts. {best laid plans and all that…}


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