Saturday, August 6, 2011

365/218 Relay for Life 2011

Today was a good day, or at least a day full of hope, if you choose to see some of the positives in life.

CJ and I participated in the 2011 Relay for Life for Gladwin County.

If you wanted to see life as a glass half empty, you could say it’s a little disheartening to be walking in circles and see the luminaries; reminders of loved ones no longer with us.

But it can also be seen as a positive sign when a diverse group of people in the community pull together for a common cause, standing up against something as formidable as cancer even when the causes are largely unknown and the chances for survival are sometimes less likely than winning the lottery.

For our family, it was a chance to help CJ understand that sometimes we need to do something extra to help others. It was also a chance to begin to explain why she can only get to know her Grandpa G through pictures and stories. It will be 4 years ago this month that we lost him, just 3 months after CJ was born.

What she’ll probably remember from today is how much candy and cookies my good friend Tony gave her and all the beads she got for walking around the track.

What I’ll take from today is the look of determination on her face as she was walking because she wanted her Grandma G to be impressed with how many beads she had accumulated. She was. CJ walked a total of 6 miles (4 miles in the afternoon and then 2 more miles in the evening). We tried to do our part to keep cancer at bay for at least one more day.


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