Friday, July 29, 2011

365/210 Oh the drama of a tween girl

Hubby and I wanted a quiet evening, just the two of us watching a movie in the basement {The Time Traveler’s Wife}. That does not seem like a lot to ask for. The girls were tucked in bed and JD and MJ were planning on watching TV in the living room.

We were not even 15 minutes into the movie and we had to stop it 3 times to stop the squabbling between JD and MJ.  Hubby sent them to their room for the night. {it was about 9:30}

After MJ yelled long enough without us responding, JD felt he should let us know that MJ was threatening to wet her pants if we didn’t let her use the bathroom. {We sent her to her room, not locked her in it}

After that crisis was resolved, she was complaining about being hungry. We had a late dinner and then had ice cream, so we thought she could wait until breakfast. That did not go over well with her.

Finally, she was quiet enough to fall asleep. We finished our movie and came up for bed. I grabbed our fan and hauled it upstairs before I found this note.

I am starving – Meg


The poor girl.  She did manage to survive the entire night without additional food and without needing to be hospitalized for malnutrition.

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