Monday, July 25, 2011

365/206 Little ballerina

Last week Syd had a second appointment with the speech therapist and it was a lot better; she only cried for the first 5 minutes. I figured the crying would go on for many many session but today she took the therapist’s hand and walked out of the waiting room with her without a single tear. What a trooper!

When we returned home Aunt Heather had left a package for CJ; and old dance costume. CJ tried it on for a brief minute {the sequins on the neck made her itch-the same complaint I hear from MJ at every dance recital a can remember} Syd fell head over heels for this outfit. She wore most of the evening. I guess daddy’s little brutus has a very girly side as well.


Thank you Aunt Heather for making my girls smile.

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