Sunday, July 17, 2011

365/197 one long afternoon

We started our ceiling fan project about 4 in the afternoon and I got to use the remote to turn it on around midnight.

It took a trip to Home Depot for supplies {and a side trip to Wal-Mart for milk to keep the kids happy}, a trip to Lowes to get a “better” electrical box and then another trip to Home Depot just before they closed to get the “right” box. And let’s not forget the 2 Hersey bars to give us the energy to finish.

We first had to take the “lighting panels” and make them smaller so we could at least feel the air from the soon to be installed ceiling fan.  {Each panel is a piece of drywall with a recessed can light in it; the panel is placed between two beams. Ingenious design but not quite the fashion any more.}

Hubby had to use the electrical wire from the old whole house fan that the spare switch in our room went to. Then he had to tie that into new wire run out to the fan.  Because we  intend to rip  the paneling down to insulate the room better {who knows when}, we just stapled it to the outside of the paneling for now. {it is not pretty but very functional for now}


For the first time in months we got to sleep without the loud box fan in the window, what an improvement!

Hubby just hopes that we see the A/C compressor come on a lot less now that we have ceiling fans in each room to move the air around.

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