Wednesday, June 29, 2011

365/180 A lesson learned the hard way

IMG_087424 hours after

This afternoon CJ learned that even though the stove burners are not red, they can still be hot enough to hurt someone. I had made the girls scrambled eggs for dinner and called them out to the kitchen to eat. While I was getting Syd situated, CJ came in and I told her if she wanted eggs, to climb in the her highchair.

Her highchair was up against the countertop and she placed her hand on the stove top to climb up.  Immediate OUCH!!  {I have always disliked the stove top being in the center of the kitchen.}

While running her hand under cold water and between the wails, she said “it was not red so I thought it was not hot.”  Bless her heart.

We have told her repeatedly that she should never touch the stove top for any reason, even when she doesn’t think its hot.  I think she understands why that is now.


It is her right hand, on her palm just below the fingers. There is no blistering, just redness, and she complains that it hurts. She has kept ice on it most of the evening.

Daddy being the “country doctor” that he is, prescribed some ice cream from DQ and that seems to have put her on the mend.


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