Thursday, June 16, 2011

365/166 A trial run

I have seen gallery walls all over blog land and have been collecting frames from Goodwill and garage sales for a few years now. I just never had the “right” place for such a wall. In reality I was trying to get the courage to assemble such a wall and make it look good.

Well, I’m tired of looking at this blank 3’ space between the paneling and bulkhead in my living room so I’m trying out the gallery wall idea.  I’m more of a symmetrical kind of gal and the asymmetry of this is not completely settling well with me. {It seems a little chaotic for lack of a better word}

My family likes it so I’m gonna give it a go, maybe it will grow on me….. 


I decided the the papers were not cutting for me in terms of giving me a realistic view of what it will look like so I bit the bullet and put up all the frames.


Okay, still not loving it but I’m willing to live with it for a while before I make the finally call, again my family thinks it is a great idea still.

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