Sunday, June 12, 2011

365/162 A full day

We had a jam packed day today.

We started with the paper route in the early morning. I had a trip to Urgent Care to have my hand looked at because of a minor bike accident last night {all is just fine}.

We had a open house for my cousin’s daughter to attend in Mt. Morris and while we were in the neighborhood we visited with Uncle Spike {Hubby’s good friend from college}. We got back home just in time to take JD to a pool party at the Country club.

While he was swimming, the rest of the family had ice cream with some good friends. We then put the girls to bed just in time to pick JD up from the pool party. 


FYI, the man in the white tee is JD’s girlfriend’s step-dad and she is right behind him. JD is a tad nervous around him and did not hang around once he arrived.Smile I just have to laugh at JD’s nervousness, he seems to really like Madi.

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