Thursday, June 9, 2011

365/159 Unexpected home repair project

This evening I was at the dining room table when I heard glass breaking. I jumped up and ran toward the sound not knowing what the heck was happening, what broke or whom broke it. My first thought was a baseball had come through a window somewhere.

I found the lowest glass panel of our front door smashed {outward} and nobody around it. The best we can figure is Ruby somehow put her front paw through the glass. After spotting blood on the cream carpet we discovered small cuts on her paw. {She should be fine, though Hubby was not so thrilled with the news that his least favorite dog had done it.}

It was a mess to clean up. This thick carpet likes to hold on to tiny shards of glass. I must have vacuumed for 30 minutes just to be sure I got it all.

Hubby is hoping to find a place to buy a piece of glass to replace it ASAP. Thank goodness it is not winter. 


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