Monday, June 6, 2011

365/156 The kindness of strangers

This evening Hubby and I went on a bike ride after the girls went to bed. We were planning on checking out a playground near the kids paper route neighborhood for future use by the girls.

We were flying down the sidewalks and just crossed a driveway when I heard Hubby say that he thinks his tire is flat. After we stopped, a car turned into the driveway we had just passed. As we were chatting about what to do, the gentleman that lived in the house came out to the sidewalk and offered us a ride back home.

This man had no idea who we were or where we lived but was willing to help us out. We were less than 2 miles from home and my bike was fine so we declined the ride and I rode home to retrieve the van.

I was touched by the kindness of this stranger.


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