Monday, May 2, 2011

Broken camera :(

I can’t believe it is broke!

I was taking photos of MJ in her dance costume {that is not what broke my camera}. We decided it was just too sunny in our backyard {notice how washed out she is} so we went back inside to get ready for dance pictures at the studio.


MJ needed help getting into her jazz costume so I went with her to her room; camera in hand still on the tripod.  I set the tripod in front of the dog cage {a safe distance from where we were prepping for the pictures}

When we ready I handed MJ the bagged outfits to put in my the van. She turned and tripped over the tripod leg and I heard my camera hit the hard wood floor, lens up.

I thought it was ok when I did not see any cracks in the screen or lens. It even turned on and I could take a picture.

As I was breathing a sigh of relief I shut off the camera and then it happened… The lens would not retract. Up popped an error message  “Lens error try to restart”

I have taken it to a camera shop here in town and await the diagnoses. Hopeful it is an easy repair I won’t find out until next week. Until then I will be using my Iphone and older camera.

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