Sunday, May 22, 2011

365/141 Centennial Farm

This picture is of my Mom and myself “down on the farm”.  My Mom was very proud to have the family farm certified as a Centennial Farm this past year.  The land has been in my father’s family since my Grandfather traded an adjacent piece of land for it.

It is impressive (and unusual) in this day and age for a single family to hold onto a piece of land for such a long period of time. 

But what is even more impressive is the little lady in this picture.  She raised 7 fairly successful kids (I’m probably the slacker of the litter) while being an equal partner in my Dad’s farm equipment business,  doing the chores on the farm, and helping out with a number of different groups at church.  If you wanted something done, you just had to ask my Mom to help.

Still today, if you ask any of her kids, we still don’t match her energy level, even now that she’s 84 years young.


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