Saturday, May 21, 2011

365/140 Like a kid again

It was a beautiful spring day here. After getting stuff around and priced for the upcoming garage sale we took a stroll. We ended up in a different park of the park than we normally go. This part of the park has a playground!

Hubby and I both have some good memories of playing on the monkey bars when we were kids. We started telling the kids some of the things we used to do on the bars {flipping, spinning, dismounts and such}. They looked at us like we were nuts.


They have never played on the monkey bars like we used {and they went to the same schools, until this year, that we did and the monkey bars are still there} MJ tried some of the things we suggest but just could not get herself to relax enough.

Hubby and I both showed them some things we did when we were young {I was not as limber as I once was and I’m so glad Hubby did not have the camera}

The kids got a kick out of seeing their parents play. {Or was that embarrassment?}

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