Thursday, May 12, 2011

365/131 He won the 1 mile!

I missed it though; I was with MJ doing his paper route. The girls and I arrived later to watch his relays.

We don’t have a picture of the race (the photo is from one of his relays) because hubby was being a parent volunteer for this meet. 

Hubby’s part of the post starts here…

It was hot out and JD said he didn’t feel very good at the start of the meet (i.e. combine hot weather with greasy food from the Loons game he went to earlier in the day), so we weren’t expecting a stellar performance.  But he kept himself hydrated throughout the meet and felt a little better when the race started.

He started a little slower than normal because they ran the boys and the girls together and he started behind some of the girls.  He was running 4th or 5th during the 1st lap but moved up to 2nd/3rd about 1/2 way through.  He took the lead around lap 3 which put some pressure on the now 2nd place guy because he had to run a little faster than expected.  They traded the lead back/forth briefly during the 3rd lap.  But then JD took the lead back for good and  finished with a good kick for the last 1/2 lap (200 m), leaving no doubt as to the outcome.  Overall, a great race for a new personal best of 5:37.

Thanks also to Uncle Michael for being there and offering support.  Michael’s presence can’t be overlooked as to the positive impact it has on JD’s performances.


Mom again…I have to tell you how proud I am of him. He has been racing against a friend in the 1 mile since the very beginning. His friend has beaten him every time and has rubbed it in to JD’s face every time.  JD wanted to beat him so badly and thought it would be great to rub it into his friend’s face. 

Today, when he won he said he just did not have the heart to tease his friend about it because he knew how awful it felt to be teased about it. {That is such a grown up thing to figure out. Maybe the things we preach to the kids about being a good sport are getting through.}

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