Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365/122 Can dogs really glare?

Well this certainly looks like Ruby is glaring at me doesn’t it? She does have a good reason I suppose; I got her spayed. But the main reason she is unhappy is not the surgery, it is the darn cone I had to stick on her head to stop the licking. 

Syd is not thrilled with Ruby having the cone either. Every time Ruby comes near her she screams. Probably something to do with the fact that Ruby just plows into everything in site while wearing this thing.


I read an article in the local news paper about Spay and Neuter Express a few weeks ago. This vet, Dr. Bruce from the Animal Hospital of Lowell, goes around to many counties here in MI and, you guess it, their specialty is spaying and neutering cat and dogs.

They charge far less than our vet does {$65 compared to $250-$300}. To be fair to our Vet; pets do get an over night stay and around the clock care by a professional and she is wonderful with our dogs.

The Express bus is just that express, I dropped Ruby off in the morning and picked her up late afternoon. I paid $10 for a vaccination she needed and $10 for a 24 hour pain shot.

$85 is all it took to stop worrying about her getting pregnant and to avoid the messy that she causes while she is in heat.

Thank you Spay and Neuter Express.

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