Monday, May 2, 2011

365/121 All 6-12 times #4

{Not on the last day of April because I was not home and I had the camera}


Has struggled to accept the decision to not race in the marathon but the pain in his leg was not healing fast enough for marathon training. He is looking for alternative activities to stay fit and biking seems to be the option that he is leaning toward.
Due to my broken camera I am behind my Iphone and missing from the photo. I’m not happy about the camera but I feel rejuvenated from my weekend of bliss. Scrapbooking with my friends always puts me in a great mood.
Has been busy with track practice and his paper routes. He has found a love of texting which surprised him. In his spare time he has been dreaming of his first car, a Dodge Charger is at the top of the list. I tell him to keep dreaming.
Dance recital is right around the corner and extra practices have kept her busy. She has been filling in for Jake when he has track meets and longer practices; 4 routes are hard to get done in 2 two hours but she is pulling it off like a pro and the extra money doe not hurt either.
Is 4 now! She has been having trouble remembering her age since turning 4 though. I think she will get used it soon enough.  She has only a few more days of school before her summer  break starts. Oh how time flies.
After struggling against wearing the Baha loaner she wore it for 3 days without complaint before we had to return it to the doctor.  We’ve seen improvement in her hearing  while she was wearing the loaner and we are hopeful this will be the short term answer to her hearing problems. Now we are waiting for the second loaner to arrive.

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