Saturday, April 9, 2011

365/99 the start of a “playground”

Today we purchased the girls a wooden swing set. I call it a early birthday gift for them. The one we like best {a combination of price, features and space required was used to determine this} was way too light colored so I decided to stain it. I picked a colored stain to match the house trim that is in our future renovations plans.
There seemed to be a gazillion pieces to stain and it took me about 3.5 hours. It got me thinking that maybe it was just fine in the natural color but at least it is done now. I still will have to stain the 4x4’s after they dry, they are still wet but the HD guy said that they would be straighter if they were wet {go figure!}
Hubby secretly thinks that they will never get stained because in 2 weeks I will lose interest in this project but I will just have to prove him wrongPrincess
Here is a peek at what it should look like when it is complete. The tarp may one day need to be replaced with a wood slat roof, like the pricier models had {I just don’t have faith that the tarp will hold up to the elements long term.}
swing set
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