Sunday, April 24, 2011

365/114 Even a Jedi needs her sleep

Hubby couldn’t resist including this picture in the blog.  The title was his idea.  The background is below.

We had a busy day today, taking a walk in one of the parks near our house and then playing in the playground at the church at the end of the street.  After all that excitement, Syd was worn down more than we had guessed.  She was playing quietly and when we went to check on her, we found her sleeping on the floor in the living room.  This is exactly how we found her and, with a tube of bubbles in each hand (they look like little light sabers, don’t they?), Hubby couldn’t let this picture not be posted.

Truth be told, she’s more barbarian than Jedi, but either way, she’s a cutie.


She has been a trooper this week. She has been wearing the Baha for about 1 hour twice a day. We have noticed minor things that we think might be hearing better. The feedback is still a problem and it bothers her greatly.

We have to keep a close eye on her: when she is tired of wearing it she will go off by herself and remove it. The other day she took it off and tried to toss it down the laundry chute!  At the playground today, she was going to throw it over the fence.  See what we’re saying about barbarian Smile



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