Monday, April 18, 2011

365/108 Small things make an impression

Today I got an email from Hubby, it appears that someone on JD’s paper route works with him.

“Someone from your family left a pair of doggie treats for our poochs.   My wife really liked that.

Let your family members know both dogs while noisy, are very nice.. both  flunked leader dog school…great pets, but not good enough to be the eyes for a blind person.

Tell them they made a great impression on us.

Thanks, m”

It was actually MJ that left the treats when she was subbing for JD. MJ has a soft spot for animals. JD is a tad fearful of the barking dogs on his route.


They also got their 1st pay checks today!  They were thrilled. JD owes MJ more than half of his because of track practice but he is still happy to get paid.

Mom is responsible for the dorky picture of the kids jumping.  They were happy but not quite that excited.

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