Thursday, March 31, 2011

365/90 All 6–12 times #3

Rich-The month of March hasn’t been good for him. His leg has still been bothering him so he hasn’t been able to run hardly at all. A runner who can’t run isn’t fun to be around. On top of that, he doesn’t take disappointment well. Syd’s surgery outcome was not easily accepted.
Moe-I have spent a lot of time taking the kids to the doctors this month. A lot of time worrying about Syd’s surgery and recovery. And the rest of the time I was medicating Syd in hopes of keeping her healthy enough for surgery.
Jake-He has spent most of March feeling under the weather with sinus problems and ear aches. His first snowboarding trip this year was not as fun as a result of the ickies. Track starts very soon for him.
Megan-Her new job as paper carrier is going great. She has even signed up for a second route that connects to her current one starting later in April. She will be earning decent money for 12 year old.
Chloe-Now 100% potty trained during the day, we are working on staying dry at night. She enjoyed having Uncle Brent, Aunt Heather and Lu stay with her while we were at the hospital with Syd
Sydney-Now that her ear surgery is over & it was not successful in getting her to hear, we are just waiting for the next step. We will be going Mid-April for an eval for the Baha hearing device. She is still just the happy girl she has always been.
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