Monday, March 28, 2011

365/87 Not the outcome we were expecting

Hubby posting…
Monday was Syd’s big day, or so we were hoping.  She went in for her ear surgery and everything seemed to be going according to plan, but then the doc called from the ER and said that he couldn’t finish auguring out her ear canal. 
As best we understand his explanation, the tiny bones in her ear were too close together at the end of ear canal to allow him to make the canal bigger.  There are nerves attached to those bones and if he were to come too close to a nerve, it would have lasting effects (i.e. she could lose her ability to smile).
We trust his professional judgment and appreciate his “better safe than sorry” approach but were still disappointed that our Super Syd won’t have better hearing starting right NOW.
Our next step will be to see if bone conducting hearing aids will work for her.  They have some that are attached to a headband so that could be a speedy, if only temporary, solution.
My Dad used to have an old saying that he continually tried to teach me:
“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can.
Found seldom in a woman, and never in a man.”
I’m still working on it…
The bright side in all this is that Syd bounces back fairly quickly.  She’s pretty much out of it in the picture below on the trip home.  By the end of the day however, she was mostly back to normal.
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