Friday, March 25, 2011

365/84 Sometimes she is such a big girl…

The girls and I have had a bit of trying morning. We all needed more sleep and the whining is at an all time high here.
CJ has a bit of a “taking things that don’t belong to her” problem. You don’t always know the thing is missing until you need it or catch her acting suspiciously.
Today it was my lip balm from my night stand, she was stashing it in her closet. When I discovered this, I had just about had it with everything and kind of started to rant and rave about taken things that are not yours.
I had one hand on my hip, bent over at the waist, pointing my finger and shaking my head at CJ. All the while I’m telling how taking things was wrong and she should not do it ever ever ever again.  She had her lip stuck out with big tears rolling down her face. 
Syd steps up next to CJ and starts rubbing her back and cooing. She had just such a look of concern on her face, I was struck mute.  I was so taken at this display of compassion from Syd that I dropped to my knees and hugged them both with big tears rolling down my face.
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