Monday, March 21, 2011

365/80 Surprising Similarities

From early on we have seen the similarities in MJ and CJ. Often people have said that CJ is a mini-MJ in looks and personality.
But Syd is the only one with dark hair and I think that has blinded me to how similar she is to the MJ.
MJ had a project at school where she had to write about herself now and when she was younger, providing pictures of each time period. MJ took it a step further and wanted to show pics of her sisters at about the same age as her younger self to see if she could fool anyone.
I said “I’m sure I can find a pic of CJ that looks like you but not of Syd, you two just don’t look alike.”
Was I ever wrong!  When comparing these three photos; Syd is the near twin of MJ but CJ’s face,it’s just a different shape and her nose is more upturned.
meg print for school 1
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