Sunday, March 20, 2011

365/79 Explaining who Grandpa G is

Posted by Hubby:
We were up in G-town on Sunday visiting our families.  As we were leaving town, we drove by my Dad’s shop, just to make sure it was still there Smile.  As we were driving by, CJ asked – “whose building is that?”  3 year olds are always full of interesting questions but that’s one I hadn’t quite expected (or knew quite how to answer).  My Dad passed away when CJ was just 3 months old and it’s always difficult how to explain who Grandpa G is because she was too young to have any memories of him.  The best thing we can do is show her pictures and try to explain the situation.
She asked again about Grandpa just before bedtime and so we spent time time looking at a picture of JD and Grandpa at a Tiger Game from 2001.  It’s hard for her to process because the JD in the picture is 5 years old, but it’s a start.
It’s sad that neither CJ or Syd will have a chance to meet my Dad.  We’ll just have to do our best to help them know him through our pictures and stories.
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