Saturday, March 19, 2011

365/78 They got jobs!

It is official; MJ and JD now have jobs. They will be delivering news papers. At 20-25 dollars a week they think they struck gold! JD is already planning what he will buy with his payload. MJ is planning what she will do with the money she will make when JD gives up his job and she gets both routes.
MJ starts next week and JD the week after. JD will need MJ to substitute for him the first couple weeks as track practice starts the very same day. MJ is more than happy to help him; she is already figuring in the extra income she will make.
I’m thinking I might be in for more work than I originally thought when I suggested they get paper routes. The routes are not in our neighborhood and I will not be letting them go across town on their own. I just may have to invest in new videos for the girls to watch as I suspect we will be in the van for a few hours every afternoon.
I just hope JD realizes that weekend papers need to be delivered by 8 am and will require him to get out of bed a few hours before that to get them packed and ready to go. I think he will tire of that very quickly.
I almost forgot: MJ’s first day is the same day of Syd’s surgery and my brother will be taking her out for her first day. I really really appreciate it Brent, you are the best baby brother I could have asked for!
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