Wednesday, March 9, 2011

365/68 Bitten by the game bug

First off let me just say: Hubby I just couldn’t not use this photo to tell this story. {forgive me}

Hubby has had his Iphone for a few months now. He  rarely plays electronic games but he suddenly got the urge last weekend to download a chess game app. It is all he seems to want to do in his spare time. He even talks to the gameSmile 

Tonight he came into the bathroom to talk with while I showered but he barely said two words to me and even stayed long after I left the bathroom just playing chess with his Iphone. Did he even notice I left? Probably but he did not acknowledge it. I think it is a bit funny; maybe now he won’t be so hard on the rest of us when a silly little game has us in its clutches.


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