Sunday, March 6, 2011

365/65 Haywire

Ruby’s wireless Petsafe collar went haywire last night.  She can normally go anywhere in the house but now places like MJ’s bedroom and the kitchen would cause her collar to beeped at her. The beeping freaks her out.  She got zapped when she went just a few steps off the stoop. It turned our 80# wriggling ball of excitement into a shiver ball of nerves. She is scared to move anywhere the poor thing. I have an email into the company but I think her collar is toast.


I was trying to soothe her into joining us; the girls decided to join in. Anytime a parent gets on the ground is a invite to climb on them in their eyes.

Update: I called the company and after walking me through restaging the transmitter and getting the same results they are replacing the collar for free. I should get the new on within 2 weeks. Ruby may have to go Club Brent’s for a few days just to forget this trauma.

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