Wednesday, March 2, 2011

365/61 Off to sunny California

Hubby left this afternoon for a business trip to California. He will only be gone 2 nights but even that seems too long for most of us. Life as a temporary single parent of 4 is not fun for either of us.


CJ has a classmate that is on vacation in Mexico this week and the teacher told the class she left on an airplane. As we were leaving the airport CJ started crying. I assumed that she was sad about leaving dad but I was wrong.  She told me, “I wanted to see Chloe A., she is on vacation at the airport.” I had to chuckle and tell her that Chloe A. left on an airplane, she was not staying at the airport. CJ then said, “Why didn’t we stay and watch her plane?” When I told CJ that her plane left last week she was huffy because I didn’t take her to the airport sooner. Ah, life with CJ is never dullSmile

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