Tuesday, March 1, 2011

365/60 A bit too small…

My SIL, Heather, is cleaning out the soon to be babies room and my kids have been reaping the rewards for it.  She dropped off another small load of stuff today. Usually it is mainly for the little girls but today it was more for MJ. A box of scrapbooking supplies and a pair of size 7 heels.  My dear MJ is growing like a weed and she can now wear my shoes (size 8-9), Hubby can’t believe how big her feet are.  She was determined to get these shoes on her feet; simply because they are heels and she wants to wear heels so badly. But she is just shy of a klutz and I fear for her safety. 

She pulled, wiggled and pushed. It was funny to watch. She did get them on and celebrated loudly.  She showed me, I kept telling her they would never fit. She strutted around for just a few minutes before she could not walk anymore, they were killing her feet. She collapsed in giggles. I had to pry them off the feet.


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