Monday, February 28, 2011

365/59 All 6 - 12 times #2


Us Right Now:

The ickies that have been going around our house finally got him. He was working from home today but crashed near the end of the day, needing a nap before he could finish his work.

February has been the month of sickness in our house and I have been nursing everyone back to health. I have had a sinus headache plaguing me for the better part of 2 weeks now. Let’s hope March treats us all better.

The snow has been kind to him; he and Meg have a recurring job with the neighbor to shovel her driveway. He has been enjoying swim gym at school; his favorite reason to live here.

After opening her very own blog for her stories she developed writers block. She has art class this semester and has also been drawing more. She was not thrilled to have art, but is making the most of it

Was happy to be able to return to school this week after have a few days off due to having Croup. Her sore nose seems to have healed up nicely, thanks to bag balm.

After coming down with Croup, her surgery has been delayed until the end of March. She is really enjoying school; she’s excited now when I drop her off. That’s progress.

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