Friday, February 25, 2011

365/56 No nap for me

About the scare referred to in the last post: At about 7:15 this morning Hubby woke me to tell me goodbye. Syd was sleeping next to me and we both notice she was breathing differently, I thought she was stuffy; Hubby thought she was snoring.  She had a rattle to her breathing. I laid there dosing on and off and listened to her. About 8:45 she woke up and was still breathing raspy.  She coughed like a seal a couple times which scared her and started crying which made it worse.  She was having a hard time breathing. I got a tad panicked at this point and scooped her up and took her down stairs to call the Doctor.  There   was a student at her school this week with RSV which she was expose to. So I didn’t know if it was Croup again or RSV.  I called and the nurse calmed me and set up an appointment for this morning. I got Syd calmed down and her breathing even out.  By the time we got to the Doctors office she was nearly normal and I thought I may have overreacted. She does have the Croup again and this time she got a steroid shot.  Hopefully  it will kick in and she won’t have breathing problems tonight.

As for my nap… Only MJ rode the bus home which meant JD had to be picked up around 4:00.  Once I picked him up, he needed to pick up new swimming goggles and we didn’t arrive back home until 4:30. I took a hot shower and called it good. I’ll go to bed early tonight {maybe}.


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