Friday, February 25, 2011

365/55 insomniac child

We have had a very long week of sickness and Syd’s insomnia.  She goes for weeks with no problems sleeping and then for a week straight she is up in the middle of the night for hours and hours. This would night 4 of this.

We put her to bed around 7:30 and she was asleep within 15 minutes like normal. She woke at 11:15 and I brought to our bed hoping she would cuddle up and go back to sleep. But that did not happen for a long long time!  It was 4:40 when I heard her finally start to snore just a bit.  During those long  5 hours Hubby slept most of the night {with the exception of dealing with CJ at midnight and 2 am dog duty}, I fell in and out of sleep about a jazillion times. Syd flipped, flopped,  stood up, jumped, babbled, poked, kicked, uncovered, recovered, played with my hair; basically she was a ball of motion. I grabbed my Iphone when I woke and realized she had her legs flopped over Hubby’s shoulder {can’t believe he can sleep through this}.  She moved them just before I snapped this photo.


{Technically this was probably taken on Friday but I’m so sleep deprived and living on caffeine. Right now it is 1:33 Friday afternoon and seems like Thursday never ended to me} On top of all that Syd gave us a real scare this morning {I’ll explain in Friday’s post.} I’m taking a nap as soon as the older kids get off the bus; just got to hold on for a couple more hoursSmile

Oh, Syd and CJ show no signs of exhaustion at all they are bouncing off the walls. I don’t know how Syd can function on so little sleep.


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